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As a direct result of the working experience of Mac Thomson, MMIS assists a range of international businesses in identifying and targeting niche markets for their products. At the same time he is working with businesses in the MENA region that are focussed on food security issues. With these businesses he is developing effective methods for international investment in key food supply industries.

Mac Thomson

As an investor in the GCC region, Mac has a practical understanding of the commercial realities of the market. Combined with working experience in the agriculture sector in Australia, Europe and the Americas, this understanding has led to the development of niche product markets in the MENA region for internationally focussed agricultural businesses.

Mac has a proven, profitable, and practical approach to identifying and delivering new business opportunities while ensuring that current markets and business interests are managed in a sustainable manner.

With foundation knowledge with an international accounting firm, Mac maintains a solid financial awareness that entails detailed assessment and appraisal of all commercial components of a business, with specific attention to key performance indicators, both industry standard KPIs and those developed for specific businesses.

Throughout all his dealings Mac has a clear focus on analysing and presenting the best structure for any given situation. This focus, together with a strong hands-on approach, has encouraged him and associated investors to successfully invest in a range of projects in the Americas, Southeast Asia and the GCC countries. This approach has led to commercial associations with sovereign wealth funds and high end investors.

Mac’s corporate priorities are based on the importance of effective management that identifies those business components that deliver results. This work is often centred around the management principle of Management By Walking About. Through this management style Mac is readily able to identify and access the key internal and external resources required to bring a project to profit.

In all aspects of his professional life Mac is known for his direct leadership, accurate financial analysis, entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm and energy — positive characteristics for any industry. As a highly effective communicator, his approach helps form efficient teams that work together harmoniously.  His management approach creates a constructive workplace that encourages growth and a common sense of purpose.

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