The 3D Process

Based on a working knowledge of the industry, MMIS has identified a number of characteristics of the privately owned and operated hospitality properties in the region.  Many of these characteristics provide a property with unique strengths and selling points, and these must be identified and highlighted.  However, there are three main areas in which local owners regularly request assistance:

  1. Professional and consistent hands-on management of the property.  This management must focus on the financial performance of the property as a business. 
  2. Effective regional and international marketing that delivers results in the short and long term. 
  3. Identifying and developing untapped revenue streams that can deliver profit to the business.
MMIS 3D Process

While all international hotel management companies provide the first two core services in some form, the terms and conditions to which the hotel owners must agree and adhere are generic in nature.  Far too often they are inflexible in their delivery.  These same terms are generally presented without due consideration to the specific needs of the owner, nor to regional and cultural issues.

The third point is the end product of an entrepreneurial understanding of the hospitality business that is generally not apparent in the “cookie cutter” world of international hotel management companies.

MMIS understands the need to offer high-level hotel management and marketing services.  It is also essential to provide them in a consultative environment that is flexible, yet effective in delivering improved bottom-line performance.  

Within the MMIS organisation these services have been bought together in a clearly defined package.  We refer to this package as The 3D Process.  The process comprises three stages that: 

  • analyses all aspects of your business and the market in which it operates, the Diagnostic; 
  • identifies target markets and explores new paths, the Direction; and 
  • draws on resources and proven experience of MMIS personnel to deliver improved financial results for your property, the Delivery. 

To access and download a PDF Fact Sheet on the 3D Process please click here.

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