Core Strengths

Feedback from our guests and commercial partners has highlighted the core strengths that set MMIS apart from its competitors.

Work to budget
With working experience as an investor in the hotel industry MMIS knows the critical importance of keeping operational expenses and capital costs to a manageable and profitable level.

Maintenance of the building
MMIS understands the importance of maintaining an asset.  A direct positive return of professionally maintaining an asset is the ability to maintain higher rates of return.  MMIS works closely with a sister company to bring these international hotel maintenance standards to all assets under our management.

Adapt to changes
While a well-prepared business plan is an important management tool for business, it cannot predict the future.  An ability to adapt to changing conditions in a professional manner is a key strength.

Tourism market
Our extensive experience marketing to the tourism industry is why inbound tour operators trust us to look after their guests.

Corporate market | Local clients —> international guests
MMIS understands the corporate market and its requirements.  While the guests are predominately international, the corporate clients that book those guests are local businesses.  They want their international guests to be comfortable.

International marketing
With ongoing access to international partners MMIS is able to market its properties internationally.  This opens up a completely new market segment for the business.

Under-promise and over-deliver
Never promise more than you can deliver - and always deliver more than promised.  MMIS follows this maxim and understands how this attitude contributes to the success of the business.

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