New York Times | A carefree getaway just off the Persian Gulf

There has been a surge in tourism in recent years, in part because of its attractive, quiet shores and warm, dolphin-rich seas.

— Eva Sohlman and Neil MacFarquhar
The New York Times

This week The New York Times published a very positive article about Oman under the heading “A Carefree Getaway Just Off the Persian Gulf”. In the article, Eva Sohlman and Neil MacFarquhar, highlighted key points that make Oman so appealing to international travellers, particularly those currently experiencing northern hemisphere winters.

While many of the points raised are well understood by those of us familiar with Oman, it is imperative for the growth of the tourism industry that the world reads stories such as this that mention Oman in terms of security, stability, safety, hospitality and beauty.  All these terms are covered in the article.

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Some quotes from the article:

  • Why travel to Oman in winter
    As a ferocious, record-breaking blizzard pummeled our windows, ushering in yet another month of Moscow’s winter, we began a sudden, frantic search for a sunny refuge, someplace to both defrost on the beach and absorb a little culture over the course of four days.
    It had to be within a few hours’ flying time and free of the Islamic State or Al Qaeda. That is getting harder for Russian and European travelers. Places that used to provide short getaways — Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Kenya — are plagued by either war or random extremist violence. And going to a relatively stable region like the Caribbean involves too much flying time for a quick trip.
    Ultimately we settled on a not-so-obvious choice: the slightly off-the-beaten-track Musandam Peninsula in the Sultanate of Oman.
    Note: The World Economic Forum report ranked Oman ninth out of 141 nations in terms of safety. (The United States ranked 73rd.)  So, yes, compared to the US it’s peaceful and safe.
  • Dolphin watching
    We opted for a full-day dolphin cruise. Propped up on oriental cushions and carpets at the bow of the boat, we had a sweeping view of the harbor and realized that the most exotic sight around might not be the dolphins.
  • Warmth and utter peace
    On the way back we anchored in a quiet inlet. The captain turned off the engine, allowing for a delicious snooze in the splendid serenity. We had found the warmth and utter peace we sought.

As the tourism industry in the Sultanate of Oman matures and expands such positive articles are exposing Oman to a potential new market of millions. This article, and others like it, clearly supports the international marketing efforts of His Majesty’s Government, particularly the Ministry of Tourism.

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