Mashable | Oman has a Grand Canyon that’s better than Arizona’s.  And it’s guarded by goats

Mashable | Jebel Shams Goat #1

For hikers looking for eye-popping views rather than physical challenges, the vast canyon at Jebel Shams in Oman is unbeatable … What’s more, hikers have it all to themselves.  Well, almost.

— Jamie Carter

Mashable has just published an entertaining and positive article on hiking in Jebel Shams.  Written by Jamie Carter the article describes his experiences in completing the Balcony Walk, part of the Ministry of Tourism’s W6 Trekking Path.  It is clear that Mr Carter appreciated the ubiquitous presence of Oman’s goats.

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Some of the observations Mr Carter made about his time on the Balcony Walk:

  • Jebel Shams - Mountain of the Sun
    At 3,009m (9,872ft), Jebel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman, a peaceful and relatively empty Middle Eastern country of a mere 3 million people (and an estimated 1.6 million goats) that borders affluent United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to the west, and war-torn Yemen to the south.
  • Completely safe
    … Oman is completely safe, aside from the occasional threat of driving into a goat.
  • Ultimate infinity pool
    Happily, there are plenty of goats living in As Sab, and as they lead us into the village we can hear rushing water.  It was raining heavily up here a few days prior, but the sight of a waterfall wasn’t what we expected. 
    Nor was a lush garden surrounding a glowing green pool with one of the best views in the world – a carved canyon of truly epic proportions – as a backdrop.

As the tourism industry in the Sultanate of Oman matures and expands such positive articles are exposing Oman to a potential new market of millions.  This article, and others like it, clearly supports the international marketing efforts of His Majesty’s Government, particularly the Ministry of Tourism.

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