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In one of the world’s most unpredictable regions, here is a stable, stunning destination with an identity all its own.

— Lindsay Silberman 

Last week DuJour.com published a very positive article about Oman under the heading “The Oman Experience”.  While many of the points raised are well understood by those of us familiar with Oman it is imperative for the growth of the tourism industry that the world reads stories such as this that mention Oman in terms of security, stability, safety, hospitality and beauty.  All these terms are covered in the article.

Note: DuJour is a luxury lifestyle magazine that covers high-end fashion, beauty, travel, home design and culture for the affluent consumer in America.  The recipients have been selected based on high-net-worth criteria.  DuJour has an average monthly online audience of3.3 million.

Some of the points raised by Ms Silberman include:

  • Yes, its safe
    Oman is one of the most peaceful, politically stable places in the world, despite its geographic coordinates.  In fact, a recent World Economic Forum report ranked Oman ninth out of 141 nations in terms of safety. (The United States ranked 73rd.)  So, yes, it’s safe.
  • But it is also astonishingly beautiful
    The northern region alone—just an hour flight or four-hour drive from Dubai—has beaches reminiscent of Ibiza, a desert that rivals the Sahara and mountains so startlingly barren, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to Mars.  Wealthy Middle Easterners and well-heeled Europeans have been holidaying in Oman for years—Prince Harry even visited in 2014—but the country has remained largely under the radar with American travelers.
  • [Muscat] is virtually spotless
    The city is virtually spotless—not a single stray soda can or sticky piece of chewing gum is visible, and it appears as though everyone in town has just come from the car wash. Which is because they probably have: Driving a dirty car here is considered illegal, and violators are subject to a fine.
  • Hospitality is ingrained in the Omani culture
    … from what I gather, gracious hospitality is ingrained in the Omani culture; hustling visitors is not.

As the tourism industry in the Sultanate of Oman matures and expands such positive articles are exposing Oman to a potential new market of millions.  This article, and others like it, clearly supports the international marketing efforts of His Majesty’s Government, particularly the Ministry of Tourism.

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