CNN Style | Muscat: The Middle Eastern metropolis

CNN Style - Muscat

“A safe haven in an otherwise volatile region, Oman hasn’t fallen into the trap of brash over beauty like many of its Emirati cousins.” 

CNN Style | Metropolises on the up

Earlier this month CNN published a list of the Metropolises on the up: 7 design-savvy cities to watch in 2018 in its CNN Style section.  The opening paragraph provided a clear introduction.

“Keeping track of global trends in 2017 was no mean feat.  From economics to elections and from politics to property, the overarching specter of uncertainty made for an erratic 12 months.  And 2018 doesn’t look much clearer or calmer.

“That makes it all the more important to identify the right markets when investing in property.  For many it will be a case of the safer the better.  Even those taking more of a risk will likely be erring on the side of calculated caution.  With that in mind, here are seven of the cities you should be eyeing in 2018.”

Muscat was listed as the #2 in the worldwide list of seven.  The entry for Muscat noted the following:

Why? A safe haven in an otherwise volatile region, Oman hasn't fallen into the trap of brash over beauty like many of its Emirati cousins. Almost half of the country's population live in modern apartments in the capital city of Muscat where a new airport will eventually have capacity for 48 million passengers a year creating a likely, and comparatively safe, gateway to the east.

Best for: Waterside living, modern religious architecture, desert glamping and seafood.

The seven cities in order are:

  1. Toronto, Canada: The tech star of the north
  2. Muscat, Oman: The Middle Eastern metropolis
  3. Dundee, Scotland: The cultural comeback kid
  4. Paris: The French fancy
  5. Tokyo, Japan: Going for gold
  6. Tbilisi, Georgia: The Hollywood, hipster hotspot
  7. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: The Mexican marvel

Such an overall enthusiastic affirmation of the investment and tourism strengths of Oman on the world’s most recognisable cable channel, adds significant gravitas to the image of the Sultanate of Oman within the international community and specifically the tourism sector. The positive flow-on effects of this story and related articles will develop a growing number of people who will now consider Oman as a viable investment and tourist destination. All this clearly supports the efforts of His Majesty’s Government.

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Mac Thomson

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